Orlando Palacios is a heralded and creative artist based in New York City. Orlando has spent the past 20 years designing and manufacturing the finest handcrafted hats for fashion designers, celebrities, Broadway shows and stylish people from around the world. As the owner and head designer of the venerable New York haberdashery, Worth and Worth, he has grown to be the go-to lid-crafter for musicians ranging from Keith Richards to Elvis Costello and Beyoncé.

He often collaborates with fashion designers such as John Varvatos, Thom Browne, Robert Geller and Diane Von Furstenberg for their runway presentations. His passion for the craft enables him to keep the art of hat-making alive by using the same centuries-old techniques while the innovation and style of his designs remains unchallenged.


Underneath My Hat



Four hens for a Bicycle

Orlando was born in Los Angeles. His family is originally from the village of Santa Teresa in Nicaragua. After the revolution, Orlando returned back to Nicaragua for a visit.

" It was like going back into time: there was little fuel so people were traveling by oxen and horses... "

First taste of fashion

He grew up during the punk era in the 80’s when he cultivated his first taste of fashion. Trawling through the dollar bins of vintage thrift shops, this was Orlando’s first step.

" Growing up a punk teen in the 80's in LA was fresh, fast and rebellious... We would head to the Salvation Army... "



Hat blocker to go

In 1990, Orlando started his own company by carving wooden hat forms for the hat industries, all across Europe and South America. While carving abroad, he discovered his passion for the art of hat-making.

" I had put an ad in the hat trade paper advertising with my new profession: "Hat block maker". I got a few hits locally and started on my path "


3 years later, he decided to leave California to start his career as an artist and hat-maker in New York City. He moved into his loft in Hell’s kitchen, created his own space and from there, carved out a new life & home.

" Business had really started to pick up and I had to get a larger space. Joe The super and I had been having coffee's together in the mornings... "



A Brother from Another Mother

After meeting and working with the owners of Worth & Worth for several years, Orlando purchased the company in 1999 and became the owner and head-designer of the renowned New York haberdashery.

" I had received a phone call from Harry Rosenholtz, the owner of Worth & Worth at the time... We met at my old loft in hell's kitchen. "

Heads at fifteen feet

Orlando engineered the revitalization of Worth & Worth by introducing the art of hat-making to the business. He then decided to move the showroom and his atelier, to its present and historic 57th street location. By operating out of a small showroom and advertising strictly through word-of-mouth, he re-established the brand and maintained the integrity of Worth & Worth.

" It was the day after Christmas, and I had given everyone the day off. I was alone at the showroom. It was a quiet day and I was straightening up. I got a ring from downstairs that somebody was on their way up. "



Getting ready for Paul

Orlando’s hats have been donned by some of the most notable people in our culture today including Keith Richards, Sir Paul Simon and David Mamet, to name of few. He continues his endeavor to make quality a main component of his styles and designs. Rolling Stone Magazine named Worth & Worth “The Hot Rock & Roll Haberdasher”.

" When Paul arrived we greeted and proceeded down the hall way to the atelier we call “the kitchen”. I had heard Paul was working on a new album. So, I asked Paul... "