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Montecristi Capri

Our Worth & Worth Montecristi Panama hats
are made by a centuries-old process
Discover now

Chic and easy going, lose your stress underneath this feel good montecristi handwoven straw.
With a wrapped indigo itajime hand dyed cotton band, wear it with a pair of Jean or a linen suit, to work or to the beach
4" crown and choose you brim size (a short 2 1/2 " brim in this picture, please mention your preferred brim size in the comments when you launch the order)

Rarer than a perfect diamond and infinitely more refined, we are proud to carry the most exquisitely crafted Montecristi Panama hats in the world.
Depending on the quality of the weave, a Worth & Worth Montecristi Panama Hat can take several months to weave by our master weavers in Ecuador.
Available in four different qualities, the result is a hat with soft texture, translucent appearance and luminous ivory color.

Handwoven by our Master weavers in Ecuador
Handcrafted in New York City
Truly a work of art.

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Montecristi Capri

Is a variant of the


Each and every Montecristi is unique. Each one of these styles of Montecristis is available in three different qualities or grades. Every Montecristi is shipped with a certificate of authenticity.


Throughout the world, straw-producing plants grow in great profusion; their fibers are lightweight and light in color and therefore ideally suited for reflecting sunlight and keeping the wearer protected during intense sun exposure.


The weaving of the straw hat has been practiced and perfected for over 400 years in the villages surrounding Montecristi, Ecuador. Yet today, there is a real danger that this artform will cease to exist.

Long the subject of myth and legend, these incredibly beautiful yet entirely practical hats have graced more heads of state and celebrities than any other type of straw hat. From harvesting the raw plants (paja toquilla) to shaping the finished product, the supremely dedicated master weavers (tejedores) employ the most exacting and laborious hand processes to weave the perfect blend of nature and art in a glorious marriage which results in hats of transcendent quality.

Delicate strands of straw are used to obtain a superior tight weave that produces the finest straw hat. Depending on the quality of the weave a Montecristi Panama hat can take several months to weave. The result is a hat with a soft texture, translucent appearance and an elegant natural color. When one feels a Montecristi, its texture is so fine and supple, one cannot help but be astonished that they are woven by hand.

The Montecristi Journey