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“Get to know Orlando Palacios the eccentric mind behind Worth & Worth

You can call him the mad hatter, or you can call him one of New York’s hidden gems. Orlando Palacios is the brilliant and eccentric mind behind Worth & Worth, a luxury hat shop in New York City found on the sixth floor of 50 East 57th Street. Palacios has been making hats for over twenty years.

Before he entered the world of hatting, Palacios was a set designer. He always falls in love with the process of constructing things, but what killed him about set making was watching his creations be destroyed when it was all over. He was working with a costume designer, and wanted to hat her at first sight. Although he never got the chance, she became his muse and the reason he went into hat making. While most designers set to conquer the luxury tier spend time first at Parsons or Central Saint Martins, Palacios took a hat class and went straight to work, traveling the world—he visited South America, Italy and other European countries—to be mentored by craftsmen who could teach him the secrets of hat making.”

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