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Articles // 2014

There is at least one surefire argument for the case that the Jazz Age was the coolest sartorial period in American history: the hats. A mark of the masses until a half-century ago, the well-crafted chapeau has since receded into the clutches of the impossibly cool. Today, the style statement is largely reserved for icons. World-famous musicians such as Michael Jackson and Frank Sinatra wore classic lids as signifiers of soul. How could a mere mortal possibly live up to that level of sartorial achievement?

We know someone who can help. That would be one Orlando Palacios, head milliner and proprietor at Manhattan bespoke hat shop Worth & Worth. Guiding you gently, he’ll take you by the hand and lead you to a higher plane of headwear. Accustomed to a sea of beanies and visors and baseball caps, you may be skeptical of Orlando’s efforts. After decades of dull options, a proper hat feels, at first, overwrought. Then, he places it, like a halo, upon your head. The effect? Epiphany.

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