Lena Waithe Is Changing the Game - VANITY FAIR

Editorial // 2018

Garnering accolades and a passionate following for her work on breakout shows such as Master of None and The Chi—and appearing in Steven Spielberg’s new film, Ready Player One
Lena Waithe is taking over screens big and small. The star and creator opens up about influence and inspiration, from the Harlem Renaissance to Time’s Up rocking our Worth & Worth Black Jager

“A photo-essay can seem too intimate, but Lena was fearless about opening up her life for our photographs,” says Contributing Photographer Annie Leibovitz.
For Vanity Fair’s April cover shoot, actor and Emmy-winning writer Waithe showed Leibovitz around her Los Angeles apartment, including her resplendent shoe closet.

Photograph by Annie Leibovitz;
Portrait styled by Jessica Diehl.