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This is how you would measure YOUR HAT?


1. With a cloth tape measure start by placing the it over your occipital bone which is located in the back of your head. (It is also known as the furthest part on the back of your head.)

2. Bring the measure around to the front of your head about 1/8” above your ears and position it in the middle of the forehead or just above the eyebrows (depending on preference.)

Note: Do not pull the tape measure too tight or you hat will fit just as snug. Measure exactly how you like wearing your hats.

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additional tips

Do not put a length of string or yarn around your head then measure it with a ruler as they streth and the measurement is unlikely to be accurate. Wire tends to work a bit better if you do not have access to a tape measure.

Do not try to measure the inside of a hat, this never works. It’s much easier and accurate to measure your head or have assistance.

There is no such thing as an overall correct fit. Whatever feels right to you. It is entirely a matter of personal preference. A tighter-fitting hat stays on better for active people, windy settings, and those who like their hats to sit high on the head . A looser-fitting hat is more comfortable, sits lower and works well when wearing for an extended period of time (over 3 hours).