Get Acquainted with your hat
Straw Hat Felt Hat

felt hat

1. Crease +

Do not leave your hat in a confined space exposed to heat and humidity, this prevents shrinkage and distortion of shape and color.

2. Pinch +

Never handle your hat by the pinch or the crown, always by the Brim. This prevents breakage and keeps the hat clean of oils and dirt.

3. Hatband +

A hatband is not a permanent fixture of your hat. It cannot be repaired and is interchangeable.

4. Crown +

Remove surface dirt with a soft hat brush. Use a dark colored brush for dark felt and a light brush for light felt. Begin on the left side of the hat and brush counter-clockwise to the back.

5. Brim +

Never rest a hat on its brim/flat. Rest your hat upside down on a flat, clean surface to prevent the brim from distorting or flattening. Remove lint remaining after brushing with masking tape and gently pat felt.